Minecraft Will Get a Free Update to Add Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards

Minecraft was released back in 2011 and has been relevant ever since. Developed by Swedish game creator, Markus Persson, the game has more than 91 million monthly players. Even though the game has been relevant and famous across the Internet, the recent hike in its popularity can directly be related to Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie is a Swedish YouTuber who is also the most subscribed YouTuber over the globe. He started his Minecraft videos back in July 2019, and the game has been in the limelight again ever since.

Now with being in the limelight, the game is set to get a significant graphic buff, as Nvidia is bringing its RTX graphics to Minecraft. Microsoft and Nvidia made the announcement at the industry trade show held in Germany, Cologne. It was stated that the graphics would arrive along with a free update and ray tracing compatibility. It would be available to the PC users of the game.

The creative head director for Minecraft Saxs Persson said that the ray tracing is right in the center of things we deem upcoming for Minecraft. The GeForce RTX graphics will provide a brand new feel to the game. In the standard gameplay of Minecraft, a golden block just appears to be yellow, but with the ray-tracing feature, you will get to see the stunning highlights, reflections, and even a mob reflected on it can be seen.

The ray-tracing feature standardly enhances the realism of any virtual scene by rendering the finer details. It projects various ways light works in a view and makes interaction with different objects, thus resulting in more realistic reflections and shadows.

In the case of Minecraft, Nvidia, along with Minecraft, stated that they are going to utilize a unique ray tracing technique named as the path tracing. It simulates a scene where the light is being transported. The companies went on to explain that it projects several ways the light can transport and also the types of visual effects it can have. It enhances the standard visual renders and transforms them into the hybrid upgraded renders.

Several other graphic improvements coming in includes:

·        Direct lightning coming from the sun

·        Realistic shadows

·        Glasses and water with reflection effects

There has been no fixed date by Microsoft and Nvidia as to when the graphics will be provided. A Anyone using following will get it from Nvidia:

·        2060,20170, or 20180

·        Super and Ti versions of above-mentioned

·        Gaming laptops with RTX cards

Coincidentally this announcement was made just under a week of Minecraft developer Mojang canceling a previously planned graphic upgrade. The update was named Super Duper Graphics Pack and was recently deemed canceled by Microsoft and Mojang.

Mojang stated that the upgrade was too demanding technically and was challenging to implement appropriately also. It is understandable as the platforms Minecraft is compatible with are tremendous. Luckily with the new update, the players will get some of the realistic graphics updates they were promised.

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